The Brewery Resource Roadshow

The Brewery Resource Roadshow

For the next event, The Brewery Resource Roadshow and the Charles Faram HopWalk will be amalgamated in to a one-day FREE event.  As usual is will be organised by us, but include, the 7 other hosts for a free day packed full of innovation, learning and great networking. 


Just this time it is all online.

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What usually happens...

What usually happens...

“Every year this event gets better and better. Thank you to the team for an enjoyable, educational and sociable networking event”

The BRR is an initiative involving 8 hosts for a free day packed full of innovation, learning and great networking.

The event is by invitation only, but if you think that you’ve been missed then get in touch

Networking and reporting

Time for networking and trade exhibition


This is your opportunity to arrange one to one face time with the suppliers.  You can have uninterrupted conversations and discuss commercial agreements with privacy that you don’t get at the supplier trade stand

Pub Tour

Guests can join in the Pub Tour from 18:30 on Wednesday night.  It’s a relaxed evening starting with a buffet and then moving on at your own pace.  You can join and leave the tour as and when you wish.

The Charles Faram HopWalk

The HopWalk is Charles Faram’s own event and an insightful day of hop industry presentations and updates from around the world.
16th September

Wednesday 16th September 2020


The HopWalk


The Brewery Resource Roadshow